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Internet traveler.

My name is Marc Ruaix, and I'm a 
product designer born in Barcelona
currently living in London.


dot   I enjoy building useful products and services from conception to delivery. My career has taken me to lead design teams in start-ups and work with amazing local and international clients over the world. Thus, I had the opportunity to get into Lean, Product thinking and Agile philosophies.


dot   Keeping things simple is a key goal for me. From my design workflow to product conceptualization and user interface design. My favorite features are those that remove older ones.


dot   My background in advertising helps me to craft better user experiences through copywriting. It also grants me a better decision-making on product strategy and a better understanding of marketing and business. I believe in an open design approach to create healthy design cultures that will lead to a sensitive and proactive design process.


dot   Recently, I have been particularly interested in crafting efficient design systems and designing by rules instead of resolutions.


P.S. I have a genuine passion for fat cats and the unrequited love for the absurd.


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