- A bit about me.

I’m Marc Ruaix,
design leader working on democratising equity in London.


dot  The teams I've managed are responsible for creating beloved products used by millions of people today. Right now, I'm leading a team of exceptional people levering the potential of Design to rewrite how companies use equity to empower their people.

dot  Before diving into the world of equity, I used to head the design teams behind Patient Access, the most popular digital healthcare product for the general public in the UK.

dot   I’m passionate about building and guiding multi-disciplined design teams that help people live better lives whilst driving business success through innovation and a deep data-driven understanding of the context.

dot   I believe in an open design process approach to create healthy design cultures that will lead to an inclusive, sensitive and proactive design process.

dot   And last but not least, I’m originally from sunny Barcelona and I have a great love for the absurd and cats!


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