Are you feeling like your designs are not quite enough to get a Dribbble invitation? Have your efforts to befriend an invitation owner failed miserably? Do not worry. Stop trying to improve your designs and take your begging to the next level with Dribbble beggars. An all in one solution to measure your begging efforts and show the world that you are the one who wants a Dribbble invite the most.

All you need to do is push and hold the button for as long as you want! Because when there’s a will, there’s a way. Think about it. If you had anything better to do, you would already be working for some Silicon Valley cool startup instead of trying to professionalize your begging activities. You better start plugging your phone charger though, because this thing will chew through your battery in less than a minute.

Do you think you deserve a seat at the designer's Olympus? Show everybody how big your willpower is. Start begging now!

This is a design satire product created by Marc Ruaix in 2017.This is a design satire product created by Marc Ruaix in 2017.